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About Us

Creating Memorable Events


With years of local event experience, Karen and her team know how to make your event one to remember. From the decorations to the performers, we help you build your event from the ground up. Check out our FAQ and gallery section to see some memories from our past events and have all your questions answered.  

Versatile Service


From corporate event functions to anniversary parties, we help you find the event schedule that works for you. We handle events such as Party Planning, Birthdays, Intimate Dinner Parties, Weddings, Christmas Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning, Sit Shiva, Party Coordinating, Girls Night Celebrations, Anniversary Parties, Party Setup, Party Cleanup, Activity Planning, & Spa Parties.  Please contact us to talk about your many options.

A History of Satisfaction


 When you work with Karen's Party Help, you are working with a friendly and hospitable event planner that truly understand you, your preferences, and your style. Our team can perform all in stages of event planning and production, providing only superior quality customer service and handling every project with passion and motivation.  If you have been searching for the solution to all your event planning needs, look no further and contact  Karen's Party Help today!


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